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Powerful central heating system flushing for professionals

The benefits of effective central heating system flushing are well known to professional installers. As market leaders in magnetic filtration, ADEY Professional Heating Solutions has advanced the technology further with the arrival of the latest MagnaCleanse RapidFlush Filter. The new generation RapidFlush Filter has been developed specifically for industry professionals to deliver the best possible system cleaning and maintenance standards. The filter is compatible with all power-flush machines and for use with the acclaimedMagnaCleanse process.

  • Improved magnetic filtration - Up to 40% increase in capacity
  • More powerful - 33% increase in magnet strength
  • Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide contamination in ONE pass
  • Faster flushing times - Achievable in just TWO hours
  • Improved EPDM pharmaceutical grade seals
  • Improved high pressure thread system between canister and lid
  • Stronger, rigid stainless steel link pipe
  • No running costs
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing

Developed by independent heating engineer Chris Adey, the arrival of MagnaClean Professional on the market has generated considerable interest among boiler manufacturers and service professionals throughout the sector. It is widely recognised as a major breakthrough in central heating system maintenance and one that East Yorkshire Gas Services endorse.

NEW case design

In addition to a raft of filter advances, an innovative approach has been applied to the RapidFlush Filter’s outer case which not only provides greater protection, but forms an integral part of the flushing process.

Maintenance 03

Stronger for improved durability
Improved slide locking system
Improved portable drip tray for easier cleaning
Anti-slip grips to toolbox base
Ergonomically designed handles



...are all expressions used (in the heating trade over many years) to denote the process by which heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system.

The process can be made even more effective with the addition of powerful cleansing and mobilising agents such as FX2 and HYPER-FLUSH, from Kamco.

The objective is to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause. Click the diagram (right) to see the symptoms which may indicate that a power flush is required (opens as PDF).

Power flushing, in conjunction with SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN, is also an excellent way to pre-commission clean new heating systems, to remove excess flux, swarf and other debris, and the grease and oil used to prevent rusting of components before use.

It is prudent to power flush a heating system immediately before fitting a new boiler to an existing system to prevent possible future problems. Many systems are found to contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems have yet shown themselves.

Existing debris is often mobilised by alterations to the system/piping and the increased efficiency of the new boiler, and may then accumulate in the boiler heat exchanger, causing noisy operation, reduced efficiency and, in extreme circumstances, failure of the boiler. The high efficiency and compactness of modern boilers, developed to minimise fuel costs and pollution, means that they are more susceptible to problems caused by debris in the system water.