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Your home may be best suited to a Regular Boiler. Here at East Yorkshire Gas Services we offer impartial advice and work with all manufactures and ranges. Regular boilers, which are often referred to as ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ boilers, feature in most older heating systems in the UK.

They provide central heating and hot water using an airing cupboard storage cylinder, and also require a cold water storage tank plus an expansion tank in the loft. Before replacing an old regular boiler with a new high efficiency regular or system boiler, consider one of our combination boilers or FlowSmart. Both will provide additional energy savings when supplying hot water.

As East Yorkshire only Official Preferred Service Engineers for Alpha Heating Innovations we are able to offer the complete range of Alpha Regular Boilers at the best possible prices. We have listed a recommended range of Alpha Regular Boilers below for you:

Alpha Regular Boilers CDR Range

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